Monday, May 9, 2016

I Want

To lay with a man and not feel less than a person when I rise from the bed
Not feel like I gave more than I gained
Not feel like I digressed.

Am I scared or just weary?
Valuing my prizes or overly protecting myself?

What kind of man would be worthy?
Am I looking for a daddy or a husband?
A one night stand or a love affair?
A relationship or a friendship?
The side chick the main chick or the every other day chick?
Yearning for attention or hiding insecurities?

Looks like I got more questions than answers
More uncertainties and less declarations.

I want to be held and touched by another but what I need is time to be by myself.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Treat Her

They say you gotta
do what you did to get her to keep her
Don’t get too comfortable
Make sure you return
all the love that she gives you
Apple pie a la mode,
the Apple of your eyes for sure
If you say she’s your world
it holds no weight unless you show her
Just know that the grass
has the potential to be greener
she’s your queen
and that means
she’s more than just
extraordinary features
Express appreciation
she knows her worth
without an appraisal

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