Sunday, February 20, 2011

Attention Un-paid

Socializing seems to be your comfort zone
So why is it that in a room filled with people
its me you ignore the most
Do I seem to pose a threat to your flow
Or am I just a nobody
that you just seem to see as irrelevant
Or could it be that you just like me the most
But I must admit that I am in love with your presence
Your attention unpaid makes me think of you daily
Seems like lately you
have seen me in a lot of places you stay in
It would be nice to simply exist in your present day
But presently it seems as though
you want nothing to do with me
But I know I have a hand in this
We have an unspoken language
in auras and eyes met
And so I will leave it where it stands

Caged Bird

you think distinctly of me
reluctantly linking me to the
nightmares that you dream
leave me to sleep without
the disturbances of your
wants wishes and needs
let me fly free
you got my wings strapped
to your cage solely for the
security of knowing that I
will always be right there
dont continue to mistake my
cries and screams for that
song that the caged bird sings

there is not one ounce of joy in this.

Quiet Emotion

is she wrong to state 
that she feels the comfort 
of his soul penetrating 
from her head down to her toes.

they don’t belong to one another 
but each other they adore, 
and when together one-another’s attention 
they effortlessly own.

when their eyes meet,
her feet become weak 
but yet stuck distinctly 
and their bodies ignite in heat.

their skin doesn’t match, 
and their mind sets are 
complete opposites that attract, 
compatibility seems exact and yet
meekly he stares into the 
sudden depths of her soul 
that exact sudden depth that she refuses to show

and yet she cant deny 
that he makes her feel whole, 
and with every second that he holds her 
the embrace continues to lure her closer.

they sleep calmly until they wake, 
until their eyes can meet once again 
and his eyes secretly grace her, 
from her face down to her waist

he holds her tightly till she wakes, 
makes her feel at home at his own place 
and as she stretches and she wakes
her eyes meet his once again and 
he says good morning to her and 
they go about there general days thinking 
about one another without it being said.

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