Monday, November 23, 2009


its been raining a lot lately in my life
and i refuse to place my head down
because of the pride that i possess

one second i'm on top of the world
and nothing can bring me down
the next second i'm hitting the ground
waiting for someone to help me stand

my character has suffered tremendously
because the past events of my life have played the role
of dictating who i've become
and because of this one will never know for sure how my mind truly works

i was born free to do as i please
think not to try and censor me
because i would not think twice to scream
i am a natural born wild child slash intellect
i carry myself in a manner
that causes one to second guess
my natural social stature

i should brand myself with a copyright
because another me you will never find.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Simplicity of Love

Love is one of the easiest things on this god given earth
why do we make it so difficult
ruin its simplicity
and take the happiness that it gives us for granted

the rules of love are written in the simple texts of our testament
why do we then transform them into unwritten ones
and further search for the hidden ones
we tend to mistake our blessings for luck

but then after we destroy it
we claim that it just was never meant to be...

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Do not be fooled by the laughter and the smiles

Nor the nonchalant attitude that I use to avoid my true feelings of passion filled desires

My body yearns for an exclusive kind of attention

The kind that's non existent when you are not present

I need you and only you to fulfill this ecstasy

My body is deprived unnourished neglected and untouched

This feels like a torturous prison with a limited sentence

Every time we get together the gift of having you by my side is a

Cause only you can give me everything that I need

Start out gently just how I like it, whispers and kisses all down my

Kind of strange to know what's going on in my head isn't it

When it comes to this subject matter I'm usually vocally suppressed

...that is until we get in the bed

I can complete your every fantasy, just let me know what you need

We could trade places and I'll return every favor

The deed isn't complete unless its you between my knees making me weak

Causing me to moan and scream meanwhile my passionate filled thoughts
and dreams are fulfilled thoroughly

and to complete this happily ever after all I need is your touch.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Can you?

What you see is what you get
but what about the inner me

can you get that part of me

even if it isn't seen?

Saturday, January 17, 2009


From day one they connected they clicked
They fit into the arms of one another like a magnet to a fridge
In the comfort of each others silence they found no need to speak

Their thoughts were unspoken like an instrumental beat

But yet the simpleness of the touch sent vibrant screams through the body
Trapped in a physical connection they were bound by the notion that vocal communication was unnecessary
Fooled to think that vocal input was filled with complications that they refused to indulge in When apart from one another each other they would miss
The thought of discussing any emotions were immediately dismissed

Hard to get was how it was played

Shy cards were the ones that were dealt
Casual categorized their encounters
And when they met they already knew what to expect
a sleepless night filled with adventure passion and pleasure
The only flaw was the absence of love

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