Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lost (whats next for us part 2)

Whats next for us...
I am stressed distressed and flexed
when i try to organize the feelings I have compressed
because im scared of feeling and dealing with us
the us that we've lost
and the lost us has cost me more than i had to give
i am emotionally in debt
my credit is declining
ive maxed out my patience, my tolerance, and my understanding
all in one trip
and those are the least of my worries
i gave all i had to give
ive heard you out
but i can no longer listen
ive reached out
but you seem to be at a farther distance
and i cant seem to stretch my arms far enough to reach us
its like my heart is fixated on you
but that's not enough
its like you wont be satisfied until
you have me clenched tightly enough to only breathe your air
but understand me you never do
its like you cant see that us together is a venomous mixture of pure insanity
and your so clenched into my heart that it hurts
as i try to pull and pry you off of my soul
you got this everlasting hold
that i cant seem to control

if my pillow was a plant, it would be a forest by now
because it gets fed every night
with the tears my eyes shed
my pillow is more nourished than i am
crying has been the healthiest thing that i am
there's no other outlet

you just don't get it

and I chose to let you go
i tried to let the bridge burn
but that will never work
in order for us to disintegrate
we have to decide to let go together
but we continue to fight in order to stay together
although both options hurt us forever
and i try to keep my composure
but this is truly torture
if we belonged together
why has this weather been anything
but in our favor

and still i got to question whats next for us
but i believe the answer is a lost cost
because its gonna remain just as lost as we are.

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