Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I'm not gonna even lie
its like a ounce of him still exists within me
but i don't even display a drop of that emotion
its like my sentiments remain congested
sitting in my esophagus waiting to be digested
due to all the shit you been putting me through
look into my eyes and tell me I'm not being true
how dare you compare and question the love that i 
had for you
had for you
you cheated physically i cheated emotionally
we cheated each other out of a relationship
now we gotta deal with the consequences
the what if's and the in-completes of life
it takes you being inebriated
your love life disintegrated
for you to realize that i was the 
best you ever had
best you ever had
and now i know your mad
the paranoia of the situation got you going crazy
thinking about
him holding me like you held her the other night
lets think about it really
your the one that's evidently moving on
but your sitting here on my phone
females buzzing in the background
making me feel like i 
did you wrong
did you wrong
maybe i did do you wrong
by giving up on us
but never did i lie
never allowed you to walk around blind
the love we had was young
mistakes were bound to happen
but how can i be in a relationship with you
if my trust for you ain't no longer true?
you were my present, I thought you'd be my future
but presently you 
remain in my past
remain in my past.

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Lee said...

I wouldn't even categorize this as just a poem. Your really expressing how you feel when you was in a relationship with someone. Getting things off your chest is a great thing. You talk about real events and your very descriptive. Throughout this poem I could hear the tone increase and decrease.Here's a Tip: I think it will be great if you could put a podcast of some sort on here or you could make just an audio spokenword blog. A poem like this sounds like it should be spoken and read at the same time.. Just a suggestion :)

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