Saturday, May 11, 2013

Kindle Fire

Every time I see it I think of you
How you treated me with kindness
Although I withdrew
How you brightened every moment
And made my darkness fade
Even if just for a second
You erased my pain.
Everytime I see it I think of you
I think of how selfish I was
And how I forgot to thank you
Every drive you took
To see my face
All the things you did
To bring the sun out
When I was living in rain.
Everytime I see it I think of you
And how I ran away
Because I knew
My misery wasnt ready
to let up just yet
I cared for you but
I wasnt ready to love you then
I was exuding to much anger
To let you in.
Everytime I see it I feel regret
I hope you understand that

I wasn't exactly myself
But everything happens for
A reason ...
      I hope you understand.

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