Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My RadiO

my mind has ran out of thoughts
and in pain my life remains
the only thing i can result to
are those radio waves

as they flow out of my speakers
they run into my veins
as if to let me know
that everything will be okay

these waves they circulate through me
reassuring that i will survive
this wholesome pain

and as i turn the volume up high enough
to blow my eardrums out

so that i can hardly hear myself talk
the waves replace the blood in my veins

it causes my thoughts to stop working
to stop my brain from hurting
to stop my mind from thinking
and stops my heart from feeling

instead of a heartbeat i feel a bass
instead of reciting my problems to myself constantly
i focus on the chorus between each verse
and instead of crying myself into a dreary slumber
the tremble rocks me so heavenly into my dreams

and just as i'm almost cured i realize that the battery is running low
and i panic realizing
that these are the last batteries that i own
and after they die i will have no more

what will happen when My RadiO is DEAD
what will come alive that will

see these invisible marks of pain
mask my nonexistent everlasting sadness
and hear my screaming whispers for help

what will hold me up as gravity
focuses on pulling me down
what will send me to sleep when insomnia makes me its victim

and as my eyes bleed endlessly what will save me
i've depended on My RadiO so long
never did i think that it would be gone

what will make me dance when i'm alone
bring me heat when i am froze
seek out the light when my eyes are closed
what will be there for me
when i simply just don't know

as for now i'm going to just leave it alone
because for some reason i know
that i can always rely on My RadiO

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