Saturday, December 20, 2008

Chapter One.

"baby come over i just had a few drinks
i want you to visit, so come make me complete
we been talking for a minute
and you already know what it is
i'm feeling your swagger and i want you to be with me"
as he contemplates in his mind
about what his next move should be
he thinks about women and how they make him weak
he refuses to be tied down
but is this an offer he can resist
he responds after a minute
"iight ima come thru just for you"
as the conversation ends

she jumps for joy 
as she thinks of the words that she just heard
she looks over to her friend 
as she smiles she says
"he said he'll come thru
but i really want him to be my boo
i just like him so much 
his appeal is so tough
but he just touches all my soft spots
i want to find out why he's not willing to 
give me a chance to be his one and only
i want him to come only so he can hold me"
as her friend listens to what she has to say
they discuss not doing anything that she would 
later regret
for her friend already knows
where this is going to go
so she says to her
"you already know what shorties coming here for
your grown so do you
you know what its worth
let your mind navigate
don't allow lust to devour it"

the long awaited knock occurrs
so she tells her friend that she has to go.

... to be continued

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