Monday, February 15, 2010

What's Next for us

his arms use to feel like home
but as he held me an alarm rang off
and i no longer felt warm
i no longer felt whole
i feel like i've encountered a storm
living in an igloo would have been better tho
maybe i should write a four page letter like aaliyah tho
but where would i begin
it wasn't me who turned off the heat
i didn't with hold a secret
that would seep in to deep
sink in to our relationship
and devour it from the outside in
i didn't creep
i wasn't the coward
and i attempted to accept the deceit
i tried to keep it all discreet
but i was the fool
because as i worried about everyone else
no one worried about me
but i was the one who dug deep
looked for the truth
when it didn't want to be sought out
found out.. and now everyone's
true colors done been brought out
the ones i trusted were called out
in this game of volley ball
i was the net
and the ball hit everything else but it
no one felt the pain i felt as it
shot up my spine
up my neck
into my brain
and then back down into my heart
that one cold relentless night
when a secret was revealed to me
from a mouth that it should not have been in
took over my insight
and reversed its emotions like icy hot
forgive you
forgive you not,
why is this even a question
in my mind when you were the one that
promised me
promised ME
that you'd never lie
you beg and plead
tried to plant this artificial seed
of regret in my brain
and then you have the
audacity to turn around
and attempt to make me feel guilty
and still i love you
the only question i have is
whats next for us...?


Ms. T said...

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