Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To My Use To Be Best Friend:

So some one who i use to hold near and dear to my heart decided to post something about me (on FACEBOOK of course) and it went a little something like this...

"I failed..This REALization marched out of my heart and grabbed me by the throat this morning. I realized that I've been failing to break free from the past...settling for dishonesty when i deserve a relationship that will last...beyond the guise of falsehood into the light of reality...
every moment my heart beats heavy with the knowledge that u cant trust any1
not even sumone u been there for..for years nd years...because she Jaimie will sit there apathetically
while u drowning in ur [tears...]" _Renee

Failure is nothing but what one deems to be their own personal defeat
stop playing the victim and pick up the baggage that was intended for you to carry, if you wish to remain weary than sadly you will remain in that one spot you manifest in your lonely head filled with nothing but pain failure and regret.
I will allow you to stand there in that one spot you've been allowing your feet to sink in, if you want to drown I can not be your life guard because no one taught me to swim.

Fail, fail you have to yourself as you live in the past of your own mindset refusing to expand your own horizons as you kneel down and preach all this nonsense, casting out artificial bait to those that you love and care about the most, but once they realize its artificial they prefer to carry on alone.

You wake up every morning and stand before the sink and glare at the disguised image portrayed in the mirror but you cant see yourself because the clouds just maybe too thick, and you fight and you squint but that mirror image of yourself is afraid to reveal itself because just maybe you aren't ready to meet yourself just yet and you continue to sink.
Everything in life has a beginning, but everything doesn't have an end, if it has an expiration date than shouldn't that mean that it should've never existed in the first place.

The lies that you feed to yourself ain't nothing but Juicy Couture though, gold plated fools gold, and I feel sorry for you because you sit there and falsely claim to uphold the very values that you don't even know, the very values that got you sinking in that one spot that you now sit in alone, and you continue to sink 

and I guess all I can say is, I hope you learn to swim.

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Punk Chopsticks said...

OMG whats up with the sudden mentioning of your name?

I wont go on with all the "aw...Poor Renee", You've probably heard enough to grasp both sides of the story.

Just realize that ppl are hardly nice and cheery whenever things go wrong. Empathy could be a saving grace, girl.

Lots of love, your faithful reader - Clarissa aka punkchopsticks XD

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