Saturday, June 19, 2010

Can we be grown about this? [Part 2]

They say blood is thicker than water
but i guess my blood is watered down
when it comes to the pain my heart has swallowed
it holds no comparison to anything else
I will not sit here and wallow in the misery
agony stress and suffering you've inflicted on me
you've always been the oldest but to me
a role-model you've never been,

you've never done anything for me
but displace your hatred upon me
punish me for your incarcerated
self regret and feelings of failure
what sense does this make when
even a stranger can love me better

you try to live a life of sunny skies
but deep down inside your filled with green
can you please stop playing the fool and
just be grown about this
you've always placed me last in your
selfish attempts to satisfy life
tell me why I gotta pay the price for
the short comings of your lifestyle

but then again let me retrace
is it not I that allows you to smile in my
face when its convenient for you to be my Sis
just for only that day
I let you be, then you flip the switch
sometimes I'd rather talk to a wall
than talk about this because
running into a brick wall would be a bit less painless

you only find it convenient to use me
you close your eyes and turn a blind eye
to all the good things that I do for you
can you even name the last 
good deed you've done for me...
but in being the oldest i guess you dont see
the rest of the layers of this family tree
but its all good because although
you couldnt just be real about things
I'm done trying to satisfy you in any way

I am going to just be grown about this.

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King Leo said...

Lol....Thats How U Gotta Do It...Be Grown About This.....THis Sequel Is Alot Better Than The 1st One....But As Everyone Says The Original Is ALways Alot More Classic

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