Wednesday, July 7, 2010

That Day

That day 
was the corner of a sun ray right before it set
sharing its last bit of warmth before it went to bed
as I stare at the window pane watching the sunrise today
the disdain in my gut remains unsettled, disheveled
like the purest sense of betrayal
my heart and mind I can't seem to leverage
excuses become my gateway to a spiritual escape
it hurts too much to think ... so i don't
and feeling takes to much energy ... so i pretend to be incapable of it

That day
i could not eat because my stomach was filled with hope
but i did not dare gloat, because a part of me knew that 
hope holds no weight in the matters of the heart
it serves as an appetizer to tease you and please you 
before you get served a meal that you wont be able to finish
its like being fed bullshit shit with your eyes open

That day
i blinked and had an epiphany 
my eyes re-opened and re-observed the world
like a new born baby
it's like i opened up a dictionary and saw my life in it
but there was still a chapter missing
a chapter left with blank lines
left for me to finish
and to this day I have no definition

That day
you stared into my eyes and saw that
they were darker than a cities night sky
no stars in sight just a apathetic glare
and i watched you patiently as you 
aggressively emptied out your bag on to my desk
you tossed my valentines day gift out with regret
it was in a jewelery box that appeared to be wrapped with love
i opened it anxiously with caution as soon as you turned away

and i realized today that that was the day you through my heart away


Punk Chopsticks said...

Hey i actually really really like this one!!! Keep it up XD'

haha and I'm not sure if ur interested or something, but i just posted the first chapter of a zombie story. Anywhoo, check it out.

And aha, sorry for the shameless pimping

Elle said...

consider doing a slam? I want to. Are you in the city this summer?

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