Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What’s Next for Us ((Part III))

I hope you read the terms of agreement
When you take upon the ownership of my heart
Because the shits non-refundable
It will be yours for the rest of your life

I hope you take the time to understand
How much I plan to invest
It is written in the fine print
Pumping through the aorta in my chest

We had each-others love locked down once
On some robo-cop status
Street lights need not shed light on our mistakes
Because the good life we planned not to take for granted

When you checked the box stating
‘I have read the terms of agreement’
And when you clicked ‘I agree’ without really reading
You overlooked my flaws and openly accepted me
No judgment’s at all

Is that where we went wrong?
Because after that I see you in my nightmares
Welcome to heartbreak because the keys of trust were misplaced
We went up to touch the sky came back down and nothing was the same
The password for communication disintegrated
Paranoid in thought thinking that the
Agreements were filled with faults

My fault your fault
Blame game
Waste of time
Because in the end

Through the wire of your mistake
Even with all of the lights still on in this place
You incarcerate the deep limbic system of my estate
In a dark comfort of security without flashing lights to scare me away
knock you down and look away as I know
That it will eventually all fall down once again

And now we sit here
Lost in the world
Wondering what’s next for us
Because when skimming through the terms of agreement
Neither of us read the end.

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