Tuesday, January 3, 2012

—Just Write

Just Write—

Currently Awaiting 
that moment in time
But every time I’m near 
father time rewinds

Just Write—
Dealing with betrayal 
too often at times
Can’t seem to find the road 
with out snakes in sight

Just Write—
Been sprung off money
all summer Withdrawing 
off times when 
dry cereal was my supper

Just Write—
Brain currently congested 
cause my mentals allergic
To questions left unanswered
with no potential solution

Just Write—
Filling this constant void 
with him this summer
Had me caught up 
momentarily in the end

Just Write—
But then fall 
was a reality check 
and more than just a reason 
to walk away

Just Write—
I’ve lost too many 
“best friends” in the past
maybe thats because they were 
never really my friends at all

Just Write—
Everyone seems to 
let me down
maybe I just expect too much 
from people at times

Just Write—
I hate being on campus now
I feel like a feather 
locked in a tool box 
when I’m there

Just Write—
until things come together
or just seem right 
but they never do so
I continue to 

—Just Write

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