Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mini Skirt

i stare hypocrisy in the face
bold and blankly like the pinnacle of their fate
i feel the intensity of despise in your eyes
and you hawk me down
as i strut around with my head held high
in my mini skirt… yes mini skirt that hugs my physique just right
so i continue to sway my hips in that rhythmic way
ipod on shuffle volume on max
the therapy to my life
take a second and compare
think of where you were at when you were my age
and what you were wearing
i swear you ‘church’ people need to be prayed for
“she should respect herself” she whispers
“her skirt is too short” she says
…BITCH its just fashion
but then i’d be wrong if i slurred those words to her in disgust
with the serpent of a tongue i possess
and the venomous vocabulary i’ve been blessed with
but instead i just pleasantly smiled and walked away
turned the other cheek like the word says
because if i dared to break on you
all of this around us would tumble down faster then the walls of Jericho
walkin around actin like you saved
go on with your bad self
of course you want to be saved now
now that you’ve lived your life in its entirety
im just askin for the equal chance to do the same
now that your prepared to kneel down in the name of Christ
you dare to judge me like im doing something wrong
but you fail to realize that my faith is different
my path to him has not been paved in your direction
my God understands me an accepts me the way
that i am… even in my mini skirt.

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