Saturday, December 11, 2010

Our Encounters

never planned or expected
still he steals my attention
from any other interested eyes
in the room
these guys they despise him
or so they should
because with out a try
he got me fixated on his every move
respected by many
and loved by a few
he got more than enough hoes
so he respects the way that I move
understands that no doesn’t mean that
I don’t feel the same way he feels for me
a deep stare from his eyes
relaxes my mind for the night
no games in hindsight
he the type of nigga that can hold me down
the type of dub that’s too good to be true
he gotta be laced with something you see
everytime I take a pull
exhaling is never easy
I feel as though a piece of him stays within me
style impeccable, swagged out like no other
yet his intellect surpasses that of the majority
chemistry like we were meant to be
yet chill around one another like we family
the comfort of his arms
is a feeling that I had far forgotten
till he held me perfectly
my body molded into his as if
that’s the way it was meant to be
somebody please tell me
that they know what I mean
damn i got it bad, but he’s the type of guy
that i just got to have.

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